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Brand - About Us

Brand - About Us

In an overwhelming space of so called Ayurvedic medicines, we are Kho-Go! Authentic, Efficient and Ultimate herbal products for over 60 years. Blessed with rich formulae and innate sense of responsibility towards society to relieve several ailments, our fine blend of handpicked herbs and in principal the clean production facilities are of utmost importance that maintain high level of standards.

Kho-Go Cough Pills were launched in 1961 and shortly gained popularity. With easy to carry, consume and pocket friendly attributes it became a must have when it came to throat problems. On consumer demand and as a part of our product development strategy, Kho-Go Cough Syrup was the latest addition to our throat and cough category. The benefits are in par with Kho-Go cough pills and to choose amongst both is best left to our consumers.

Hajambol Gas Tablets - Subsequently, Kho-Go decided to observe some lifestyle related issues. With fast food culture trying to dominate eating habits, gas, indigestion and constipation were very commonly evident also due to odd eating hours. We decided to fix this bit for you, Hajambol was born to make you feel better after midnight pizza meal that makes you uncomfortable or simply delicious home food overeating. With some loud burps, it sets you ready for next sumptuous meal.

Kho-Go Pain Balm - As the famous saying goes, No Pain, No Gain. There are certainly some pains that you absolutely need to get rid off. Due to increase in use of mobile phones, tablets and laptops, screentime exertion may give you terrible headaches. A last night party hangover or a stressful boardroom meeting, Kho-Go pain balm is your rescue. A chronic joint pain that bothers your parents or a catch that you bought home by overdoing in the gym. Our balm is for your body and soul.