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Brand Legacy - About Us

Brand Legacy - About Us

Our journey has been exciting. However, even before we take you back in time, we wish to dedicate this success to our founder Late Mr. Murlidhar Redkar who set the road map on which Kho-Go continues to enjoy an upward trajectory only with our loyal consumer support.

(1959, Girgaon Chowpati - Mumbai)

It was June of 1961, late bapuji belonged to a humble family from Mumbai. With limited capital but unlimited determination, a business plan was chalked and strategy came to life in a 10 ft x 10 ft facility in old quarters of Girgaon.

(1961, Girgaon Old Quarters - Mumbai)

Once Kho-Go as a brand was launched, taking it to masses was the next aim. Bapuji himself carried on hand to hand sampling activities in interiors of Maharashtra to experience real time feedbacks. Kho-Go was widely appreciated and accepted to become a star in this category.

(1964, Alibaug State Transport Depot)

Witful Advertising - With print and outdoor media as only visible marketing options available, a creative approach was adopted to depict every day episodes from middle class home as an artwork. All news papers carried these quirky adverts with thoughtful copy that would deliver humour and also connect, as it was a piece of everyone's experience at some point of time. These print ad campaigns are hit till date!

(1984, Leading Hindi Newspaper)

Kho-Go ads also appeared on the state transport buses and bus stations. Our ads maintained uniformity and consistency of humorous approach as compared to boring and dull adverts of many brands that are repetitive and non entertaining.

(1994, Transit Ads On Nashik Bound Bus)

Our digital foot print in the digital age.

(2021, TV Ad Aired On Sony Marathi)