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Cough Pills and Syrup

Que. What does the name KHO-GO mean? How old is KHO-GO?
Ans. It means to drive away cough.In other words Khasi Go.. KHO-GO was Launched back in 1961, about 60 Years Old Brand.

Que. What is the Core USP of KHO-GO Cough Pills and KHO-GO Cough Syrup?
Ans. It is a unique blend of ayurvedic Herbs, used by Generations to Cure Cough and Throat Problems. The synergic effect of herbs pulls the Cough from Throat and gives Instant relief from cough problems.

Que. What are the other benefits of KHO-GO Cough Pills and Cough Syrup?
  • Reduces inflammation in respiratory Tract
  • Cures Sore Throat
  • Provides Soothing effect to throat
  • Cures Throat Irritation
  • A traditional remedy for Hoarseness of voice (A well-known secret among singers)
  • Freshens Breathe

Que. Does KHO-GO have any side effect?
Ans. No, it does not Have any side effect KHO-GO is a core ayurvedic product made of herbs.

Que. How is KHO-GO different from other product?
Ans. KHO-GO is a core ayurvedic product with no menthol or added sugar. The ayurvedic herbs pulls the sputum (Cough) from the respiratory tract and stops coughing immediately, while other products gives only a soothing effect to throat.

Que. What is the dosage of KHO-GO?
Ans. 3-4 pills to be sucked for 4 times a day and 5 ml syrup for 3 times a day.

Que. How can it be used for children?
Ans. For children below 5 years, it can be consumed by mixing with honey.

Que. Can it be Consumed by a Pregnant Woman?
Ans. It is advised to consult your Doctor or Gynac.

Que. What is the expiry for KHO-GO?
Ans. Its a ayurvedic product with expiry of three years from manufacturing date.

Que. How can one order KHO-GO?
Ans. KHO-GO is available on :

Que. Do You have Cash on Delivery Option Available?
Ans. Yes, Cash on Delivery and Online Payment Both Options are available.

Hajambol Gas Tablets

Que. Is Hajambol used to cure Digestion Problems?
Ans. Yes, It is 100% Authentic Ancient Ayurvedic Formula and helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. As the Name says it is used to Cure Indigestion (Hajma) related Problems.

Que. What are Other Benefits of Hajambol?
  • Helps in Proper Digestion (Hajma) and Relieves Indigestion Problems
  • Gives Instant relief from Gas and Eases Flatulence
  • Reduces Inflammation and relieves from acidity
  • Acts as a natural Laxative stimulant which reduces constipation and irregular Bowels
  • Useful in Loss of Appetite, if consumed before meals

Que. Is Hajambol Like a Churna?
Ans. No, Hajambol comes in Tablet Form and Relieves from Gas and Indigestion Problems, While Churna is used to solve Constipation Problem.

Que. What is the dosage of Hajambol?
Ans. 2 Tablets to be taken 3 times A day, after meals.

Que. What is the expiry for Hajambol?
Ans. Expiry of two years from manufacturing date.

Pain Balm

Que. What is KHO-GO Pain Balm Used for?
Ans. KHO-GO Pain Balm has a unique fast absorption formula that allows it work quickly and get rid of pain.

Que. What Type of Pain can It be used for?
Ans. This pain balm is highly effective in relieving knee pain, muscle ache, joint pain, headache, and cramps.

Que. Can Balm be used for Headache?
Ans. Yes, it is effective for Stress and Cold related headaches.

Que. How can one use KHO-GO Pain Balm?
Ans. Massage gently on affected area for simple backache, neck pain, strain & sprains, Joint pain, etc.