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Easy and Effective Ways to Treat Cough These Winters

Easy and Effective Ways to Treat Cough These Winters
Winter is already here. So, is the unwanted flu & cough. We all are pretty aware of the discomfort it causes. While a common cold isn't a hurdle, excessive cough can discomfort your day to day life. A cough that stays for more than 10 days can be a warning for an allergic throat reaction or maybe a bacterial infection in the throat congestion.

You can get relief from most over the counter medicines and cough syrups and soothe your throat. But such cough suppressants in these OTC medicines can cause dizziness, more sleep, and nausea.

As a matter of safety in kids and adults, it is always advisable not to consume unprescribed over-the-counter cough syrups and medicines.

However, using Ayurvedic medicines over chemical-based cough syrups can soothe your uncomfortable throat without any dangerous side effects and codeine abuse.

How to deal with a Sore Throat when away from home?

Most household remedies require blending many natural ingredients which is a tiring process, so how will you deal with a cough and cold away home when you don’t have access to all these ingredients?

Yes, there can be times you are suffering from a severe cough or congestion were dealing with remedies is an abandoned thought.

Having a cough syrup by your side that possesses a natural blend of herbs with no side effects comes as a savior on those uncomfortable moments.

So, to soothe the discomfort caused by severe cough, get Kho-Go Cough Syrup from Ahilya Ayurvedic Aushadhalaya. Its all-natural formula makes it the most suited ayurvedic cough syrup to treat coughs & colds these winters.

Kho-Go cough syrup is blended with 100% natural ingredients that make it absolutely safe for patients of almost all ages.

However, if your child finds it difficult to take cough syrups, you can trick them with Kho-Go cough tablets as candies.

#Try New Kho-Go cough tablets that are way easy to consume and treat cough and congestions. And the good thing is these tablets come in handy and you can chew them anytime.

So, if you are the one who finds it difficult to handle excessive cough and chest congestion these winters and are looking for natural remedies and Ayurvedic medicines?

Let’s dig deeper into learning about the best natural remedies to protect you from these common winter allergies.

Treat Cough & Cold Effectively At Home With These Easy Natural Remedies

Ayurvedic theories possess that imbalance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha causes body ailments depending upon the excess and deficiency of a particular substance.

Incase of Cough & Nasal Congestion, it is believed that there is an excess of Pitta & Kapha inside your body.

So, these natural remedies work great in tackling and lowering down these ailments to treat nasal congestion and cough/cold-related problems.

Tulsi- Holy Basil | A Herb For All Reasons

Tulsi is treated as “ Mother of All Herbs” when it comes to treating common to severe human ailments. Its natural antioxidants work great in lowering down the symptoms of Cold & Flu.

How Tulsi Helps Relieve Cough & Cold?

Antibodies present in Tulsi leaves are perfect cough suppressants that prevent further infection spread and help calm a sore throat. Tulsi tea with a dash of lemon in it works great in soothing your nasal pipes by clearing out mucus stuck in your throat and chest cavity.

#Tulsi leaves work best in cleansing your chest mucus and help soothe irritations. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients to boost immunity.

How To Prepare Tulsi Tea/ Kadha?

● Tulsi Tea(Best For Sore Throat)
To make a quick soothing Tulsi tea, all you need to do is:
- Pluck 7-10 Tulsi leaves
- Clean and put in boiling water
- Let it boil for 5-10 mins and then strain in a cup
- Add a dash of lemon juice and your Tulsi tea is ready

● Tulsi Kadha(Best For Chest Congestion Relief)
If you have trouble breathing due to excess mucus inside your air passage, Tulsi Kadha is the ultimate solution.

To make an ingredient-rich Tulsi kadha, all you need to do is:
- Take 7-10 fresh Tulsi leaves and add boiling hot water
- Add grated ginger along with 4-5 peppercorns and let it boil for 10-15 mins - Then add a pinch of black pepper, lemon juice and strain it.
- Drink warm to help relieve chest congestion


Honey acts as a perfect remedy to take if you are suffering from excessive throat itch. With its effective cough suppressant properties, it is the easiest remedy to help soothe your congestion.

How Honey Removes Chest Congestion?

The healing properties of honey break down mucus lining to help you spit the excess out. Thus honey works in lowering the congestion along with healing the irritated throat.

#Do not use factory-made honey as it can consist of sugar. Sugar can worsen your cough badly. It is always advisable to use honey extracted from wild bees.

Honey-Ginger Tea | Best way to take Honey to treat Cough & Congestion
-Just add a tablespoon of honey and ginger to a glass of water
-Add some black pepper to the end and let it boil.
-Drink a cup every morning and right before sleep to treat cough symptoms
Honey not only helps soothe the cold congestions, but it is also a great herb to boost your immune system.

- Giloy

Giloy is famously recalled as Amrita or Guduchi in Ayurveda, these are long-fibered tubes with betel-like heart-shaped leaves.

Surprisingly, this weird plant possesses great healing and nurturing properties and is capable of treating severe cough & chest congestion. Giloy works best in treating severe coughs and tonsillitis(a scenario where your throat glands swell up). Giloy also acts as a great immunity booster and helps purify human blood for better health.

Use Giloy as Cough Remedy

● Giloy Juice
You can take a spoonful of Giloy juice with warm water on an empty stomach. It helps soothe congestion caused by mucus linings inside the airways.

Giloy is an amazing herbal medicine that has proven useful in treating diseases ranging from the common cold to 1st stage cancer patients. In addition to that, Giloy juice also boosts your metabolism that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Final Verdict
These remedies are best in curing irritative cough symptoms caused by flu, bacteria, or viral infections. So, next time you experience any of these troublesome symptoms, make sure you choose these remedies to battle the irritative cough symptoms.

So, if you're traveling or staying away from home or you just don’t want to put in so much effort. Do not forget to keep our cough syrup or cough pills by your side. Especially, if you’re allergic!

And do tell us in the comments which remedy suits you the best in battling cough and congestion this winter!